(Left to Right) Jim, Guy, John B, Bob, Tom

(Left to Right) Jim, Guy, John B, Bob, Tom



     Percussion / Band Leader

     My passion for drumming started in the Air Force in the late 60's. With my Air Force band I soon learned, as did the Blues Bros, what it's like to play behind a chicken wire fence in the wild west town of Rapid City, South Dakota!! Left my drums behind to continue my education, get married, and start a family. Now, 40 years later, the family is grown and the drums are back! Played with one group for about a year and a half and now have formed another group of musicians! It's great to be a part of " The Generation Gap"- a very talented group that all enjoy playing great Classic Rock tunes!!       



Guy Klinzing

     Lead Vocalist/ Frontman

     As Guy says, he has never met a musical genre that he did not like! As a professionally trained vocalist, actor and entertainer, his focus has always been on pleasing and engaging the audience. This applies to performing on one of Chicago's Theatrical stages, doing live cooking shows around the country for audiences of 1500+, or sharing great hits from his childhood with the Generation Gap Band. He has performed his own solo country and blues shows, sung with touring Acapella choirs, and even sang, danced, and stripped in a musical production of "The Full Monty". He boasts of being a HUGE Elvis fan and has been known to spontaneously belt out Elvis tunes! He says that he was brought on board the band to provide some much needed "Eye Candy" for the audience. You can see that he also has a good sense of humor! So in addition to providing the vocals for songs from Elvis to the British Invasion, he will do his best to make the ladies swoon and the men cheer for more as he and his band mates do everything possible to make sure your journey back in time with the band puts a huge smile on your face!


Tom Keaton


      Tom took up formal piano lessons in the late 80’s because He has always been a poet /lyricist and wanted to put his stories to music, which ended with some success.   He spent a lot of time in the studio with a songwriting team creating original songs, and continues to enjoy composing to this day.
Also, back in the 90's he joined and managed a band called Para, which was rooted in the west side of Chicago, where he was born and raised.  He had a Motown review show, which was really an unforgettable time in his life!
Then came the responsibilities of raising a family and running his own business for 20 years so he had to put off being in a band, but never stopped playing the piano/keys and composing.
His love for so “many” styles of music has been a constant throughout his life, and as he plays you may feel the Blues, Old Time Rock, or Soul as it flows out of him.
In 2011 he joined The Generation Gap Band, and here he remains, playing he says with " a group of really talented guys" bringing back those old memories for you and hopefully giving you some new ones as we bring you a "blast from the past", playing those oldies tracks. He says that" being in a band has been a great pleasure and we have been fortunate to have played at many different venues throughout the area". He loves this genre, and the goal is to move you and be sure you have an unforgettable time at every show!